Posted January 9, 2012

Welcome Katie Laird as our newest home design lover!

Greetings interior design lovers and window fanatics!  My name is Katie Laird (but you can call me happykatie) and I’m the newest member of the and The Finishing Touch Blog team.

My background is in helping businesses make the world a better place through technology, but now I get to help you make your home a sweeter place through cool products, tips, tools and how-to’s.  Love it!

Growing up abroad (any other Belgians out there?), I have long had an interest in older homes and the unique design challenges they provide.  My little family lives in a renovated 1902 bungalow with gorgeous, original windows that bring in lots of sunshine and even more architectural character.

At home, we spend lots of time enjoying fun, cost-effective DIY projects that can involve my young daughter Ella and speak to our colorful eclectic semi-bohemian / Mid-Century style.  If we’re not hanging out in the kitchen, we’re concocting something from glitter, cool fabric and found objects.

Some of my favorite design blogs include decor8, Making it Lovely, Apartment Therapy and Design Mom.  When it comes to visual inspiration on the Web, Pinterest is hands down my favorite tool (you can connect with me here) – but I’ve been known to obsessively search on Compfight / Flickr for images to kick start weekend design projects too.

Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome – don’t be a stranger!

In the comments below, let me know what content you’d like to see on The Finishing Touch Blog and what sites you like to find home inspiration from!