Posted April 8, 2015

Stay fresh with your tests!

Testing ad copy or landing pages in paid shutterstock_140902084 (1)search needs to be granular to positively identify the successful element.  But there’s really not too much you can change anyway – ad copy is limited to a 25-character headline and 70 characters of description copy, and while landing pages have fewer restrictions, the page should still directly serve the visitor’s query, whether for products or information.  This sounds like an inevitable slog toward diminishing returns, but as the David Oglivy quote goes “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”  So how do you stay fresh?

  1.  I’ll never be as good as I’m going to be tomorrow!

The pursuit of continuous improvement is ingrained in our corporate culture – attending conferences or skill development education is not just encouraged, but expected. That said, there are numerous ways to apply this on a personal level because even if you’re an expert, there will always be a new technology/strategy/approach from which you can get something fresh. Dedicating time to learn something new will always have a positive effect on your core competency.

  1. What can you do for me (right now)?

Interviewing candidates is necessary to maintain a strong company culture, but can seem tedious if you are interviewing for several open positions (which often happens at a growing company). Solution? Have a few set interview questions that a novel (fresh) answer from any candidate can help you think differently. It’ll definitely be worth the time spent interviewing and give you something to get excited to ask every candidate.

  1. Get social

Scientists Talking

Gossiping at the water cooler is so 90s, but taking an occasional break from the workstation to decompress is very now (and necessary for productivity). Get solid coworker interaction while doing something valuable – form a book club at work, do yoga during lunch, organize a monthly happy hour after work, meditate after lunch, etc. Find something you like and use it as a vehicle to keep you fresh for when you do get back to your desk. Great ideas come from people close to you, who know your business and can view your problems through their role (not yours). Give them the opportunity to give those ideas to you.

Getting great test ideas can be as easy as stepping out of the lab, and let’s face it, the lab can get pretty stale from time to time.  When that happens, open a window and go do something else to recharge.