Tim Coonfield

VP of Software Development

Team: IT

Q: Describe your relationships with other Blinds.commers. What’s the environment like?

It’s a fast paced and exciting landscape to be a part of. Programming and technology is my first love, and it’s always thrilling to see incredibly smart people working together to break down seemingly impossible challenges. Everyone gets a voice and has a part to play — it’s a level of engagement that you don’t see everywhere. Blinds.com has a very team oriented environment filled with some of the best professionals I’ve ever known.

Q: Which of the core values influences you the most in your life and why?

 Improve Continuously…no question. There are so many examples of people who have learned new skills, discovered new passions, and are working in jobs they never dreamed of when they joined. So many times, you see someone who has been at the same place for 10 years and has stagnated in their growth, but I can personally attest to the fact that Blinds.com challenges and encourages everyone here to find ways to grow and evolve both personally and professionally!

Q: What’s some advice you’d give to someone who is considering being a part of the team?

It sounds cliche, but it’s not just a job. Come ready to bring a part of yourself and your experience to the team, but also to learn and grow from everyone. There’s so much talent, drive, and passion here that everyone brings, and the opportunities to grow and expand are endless. If you don’t take advantage of that, I think you’re selling yourself short.

Q: What makes your Monday awesome?

We have an agile development environment, and that means every other Monday is our sprint planning. I love coming in on those days both with the satisfaction of delivering something that makes a difference, combined with the excitement of what’s next. 

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