Stephanie Pertuit

VP of Customer Experience

Team: Marketing

Q: Which of the core values influences you the most in your life and why?

Continuous Improvement, all the way. I feel like that’s the core of our core values, and all of the other ones give you guide points on how to behave while on the quest for improvement (experimenting without fear of failure, speaking up and being myself, and, of course, enjoying the ride). It’s a reminder to me that the quest is never done, that peaks mounted aren’t ends of a journey, it’s just the beginning of another journey to the next summit. So, whether it’s crafting a better house in Minecraft while playing with my son or reading a book to improve my grasp of marketing strategy, I embrace this core value daily.

Q: What’s an interesting experience you’ve had at that someone might not know?

I’ve given two interviews in costume (one as Batgirl; one as She-ra). To my defense, it was Comic-con day and Halloween, respectively.

Q: What’s some advice you’d give to someone who is considering being a part of the team?

Be ready to embrace being you again.


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