Sofia Lazaro

Support Supervisor

Team: Customer Service

Q: Which of the core values influences you the most in your life and why?

“Experiment without Fear of Failure”. I am a perfectionist! Once I figure out a great way to do something, I hardly change my methods. This core value has been a learning opportunity for me. has an amazing coaching team that help you constantly identify areas of improvement which is common across a lot of companies. What isn’t common and I think embodies this value is the drive that everyone rethink and reinvent their strengths!

Q: What’s an interesting experience you’ve had at that someone might not know?

One of my best moments was when a Design Consultant who I had never met emailed me a thank you note! His customer’s order had gotten lost in transit, and I had worked with our shipper to get it rerouted to her. She’s continued to purchase from us because she knows when something goes wrong we will make it right!

Q: Describe your relationships with other Blinds.commers. What’s the environment like?

Authentic. Everyone here has come from different backgrounds, it makes every meeting and interaction amazing! People are true to themselves and their ideas, which in my experience here, creates a very open and creative environment.

Q: What makes your Monday awesome?

In customer service, everyone who comes to me is on my line because something went wrong. It’s wonderful to work where we have so many tools as individuals to solve the customer’s problem. The absolute best is at the end of the call when the customers say “That’s all you need? Wow, that was so easy!”

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