Rebecca Page

Social Care Specialist

Team: Customer Service

Q: What was your “Aha” moment that made you choose to join

When researching the company and watching employee videos, it seemed like a place that invests in its people (and seriously, it is!!). Being able to have my fun-colored hair was a huge perk for me, too!

Q: Which of the core values influences you the most in your life and why?

Improve Continuously. It affects every aspect of my life. It isn’t easy, I have to challenge myself to take criticism, to have an honest look at who I am/how I am performing, and work hard to be better than I was yesterday. It is the most challenging and the most rewarding core value for me.

Q: What’s some advice you’d give to someone who is considering being a part of the team?

Figure out how the core values apply to your life. Do you live these every day? If not, how could you challenge yourself to do so? These aren’t core values that the company just touts about, they apply to everyday life. Each of my team members actively lives them every single day and it really creates a special place with supportive co-workers.  

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