Dave Berry

Manager, Business Intelligence

Team: Analytics and Business Intelligence

Q: What was your “Aha” moment that made you choose to join Blinds.com?

A: During my second round of interviews, I was able to tour the office (aka the BlindsdotComplex). Seeing how the business’ core values were seamlessly integrated around the workspaces, common areas, and meeting rooms was fantastic. But I was really energized by how the overall design tells the story of the company’s history and where it’s headed. It was motivating, to the point where you want to become part of the journey and put your own stamp on it along the way.

Q: What experiences have shaped you the most as you enjoy the Blinds.com ride?

A: My first Internal Business Review meeting comes to mind. Within my initial few weeks on the job, sitting in a room with all of the top leaders of the company was an intimidating premise. I remembered back to previous roles where bureaucratic lines we’re not to be crossed in such meetings. However, those lines rarely exist at Blinds.com. The meeting was extremely collaborative, informative, well-organized, and lived up to the core values of Speak Up & Experiment without fear. It really shaped my outlook on the business!

Also, you can’t answer this questions without mentioning our weekly Say Jay. Every week is its own experience!

Q: How would you describe Blinds.com in three [words] or less?

A: Fun, collaborative, and fast-paced

Q: What makes your Monday awesome?

A: I appreciate how every Monday is so different. In such a fast-paced role, where analysis is in high demand, every week day is different – and Monday is no exception. After a nice relaxing weekend with the family, it’s really invigorating coming in to an environment where everyone is excited about the challenges and tasks that await. I also enjoy taking the time to catch up with co-workers, discussing their weekend travels, or the score of the football games.

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