Danielle Sansone

Design Consultant

Team: Sales

Q: What was your “Aha” moment that made you choose to join Blinds.com?

I was always the leader/supervisor/manager in my previous retail-based jobs – yet with that title came GREAT responsibility – working early morning until late nights, overnights, covering shifts for sick employees, Loss Prevention issues, late night phone calls, having to prep for corporate visits on days off, and vacation – not being able to take vacation at least 3 months out the year because it was “blacked out.”  Now, I make MORE in salary, have a better work/life balance, truly ENJOY coming to work and having fun with my coworkers, and at the day – I’m only responsible for myself and my own successes.

Q: Which of the core values influences you the most in your life and why?

Experiment without fear of failure – in my previous career paths and job choices, we were discouraged from trying something new – without a proven “proof of concept.”  Here we are encouraged to try new things – and it’s through that trial and error – you can really discover something AWESOME!

Q: What’s an interesting experience you’ve had at Blinds.com that someone might not know?

The customer feedback is immediate and they are grateful.  Most employees have files with DOZENS of emails and voicemail recordings from customers telling them how wonderful you are.  How many of those do YOU get at YOUR job? 🙂

Q: What’s some advice you’d give to someone who is considering being a part of the team?

What are you waiting for?  It’s not about the product – it’s all about the Customer Experience.  If you LOVE giving a customer service experience where you won’t soon be forgotten – this is the place for you!

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