Posted June 21, 2017

Sailing our way to GCC team building

The GCC team regularly participates in team building activities to stay close as colleagues and learn how to work together in our day-to-day lives by stepping outside the office.  Trini Greenwood, our Senior Accounting Manager, helped organize a sun-filled team activity on the water:

The GCC Accounting department lives and breathes our company core values daily and an exciting way to see this is with our team building activities. 

Each year we try to improve continuously by finding a new event that will continue to build our team bond and help us develop new skills.  We also experiment without fear and step into areas that most of us have not experienced before or even dreamed we would do at WORK! 

This year, we chartered a sailboat with a captain to teach each us the skills needed to sail out into the open waters of Gulf of Mexico (well, sort of) successfully.  As manager of our team, it was only right that I started out as the deckhand – while one of our accountants moved right on in the helm and led us as the captain! 

We learned all of the positions on the boat (such as starboard and stern) and the rush of heeling!  The most impressive moment was when our team took their positions and tacked the boat.  Tacking the boat refers to changing the boat’s direction through the use of the wind. 

This needed a team of 3 of us – 2 deckhands to manage the lines and one captain calling commands and controlling the helm.  We were pretty scared and intimidated but with the encouragement of our teammates and the trust we would all do it together, we did it successfully.  And as our team of 3 just happened to be all girls so (obviously) we celebrated by singing Beyonce, “Run the World (Girls).”  

We felt pretty intimidated but, with the encouragement of our teammates and the trust we would all do it together, we did it with great success.  The day was full of surprises, laughter, learning and – most importantly – bonding!  

I love working at a company like GCC that encourages us to grow our brains and build strong relationships with our co-workers.