Posted April 21, 2017

We run for fun – meet our GCC Green 6.2 runners!


Have you pushed yourself to the max with your co-workers recently?  Members of our GCC Boost Club (the wellness committee at recently ran the Green 6.2 marathon qualifying race and had a great time doing it!

So, why run the 6.2 mile with folks you see in the office everyday?

Gene:  It is fun and I believe in staying physically active in life!

Diana:  I enjoy exploring our community and connecting with the people I work with outside of the workplace.

Rachel:  I want to represent our core values by ‘experimenting without fear’!  I’ve never been a runner – but with the support of my awesome co-workers, I’ve not only joined 3 run clubs around town – but finished a 10k!  If you would have told me that a year ago, I would have called you crazy.  Nothing beats the feeling of setting a goal and marketing it off a checklist!

Anna:  This was my first 10K run! During the run, I occasionally thought that I should give up and just walk, but I kept running. My inner self was screaming: “Just keep running. You can do it!…” and then you realize that you just crossed the finish, you did it! And all your friends, colleagues are there for you to cheer you up, support, and celebrate you. It feels so great to be surrounded by people who live the values you appreciate the most: “Be yourself! Improve continuously! Enjoy the ride!”. Green 6.2 event proves that these values are not just practiced at work, but we literally live with them.

Congrats to our GCC runners – we know it was exhausting, but we are so proud of you!  Learn more about how you can join our team and run alongside us with a great Houston job at