Posted November 15, 2015

Red vs Blue book signing with employee Eddy Rivas


There are few things more thrilling than seeing an employee be successful inside AND outside of the office.  We had the opportunity to celebrate / best-selling-author-by-night Eddy Rivas as his very first book was released to wide acclaim:  Red vs. Blue:  The Ultimate Fan Guide.


Eddy’s book, published by Harper Collins, was a year and a half long labor of love dedicated to all things Red vs. Blue – the Internet’s longest running show that uses the video game Halo to tell its story.  Want to know more?  Eddy explains the ins and outs in great detail here.


We are THRILLED when our employees grow their skillsets and achieve amazing things – in fact, we work hard to hire folks that have passions outside of work, as we find that they tend to be motivated, interesting and successful inside our office walls too.


Want to work with a best selling author like Eddy and eat cake to celebrate?  Check out out Careers page here.