Posted December 8, 2015 video signage nominated for 2015 DailyDOOH award

From green screens to corporate update visual masterpieces, the corporate communications team is being recognized internationally for great video displays!

In the corporate communications world, there is video signage and there is VIDEO SIGNAGE!!!

The Houston, TX headquarters features 60+ digital displays that use state-of-the-art graphics to display everything from sales team performance to customer Social Media feedback.

For this innovation, the team is proud to have been nominated as a finalist for the DailyDOOH 2015 ‘Best Stadium / Office Building / Corporate Install’ Award.  This global award highlights the best-of-the-best in digital corporate communications and is an honor to have been nominated for.

Brad Parler, the Digital Corporate Communications Administrator, has used an interesting blend of data and engaging visuals to enrich internal communications across the company.  Read on for more details:

After doubling the office square footage, our need for smart digital signage doubled too!  We installed a total of 62 Samsung commercial displays throughout our headquarters.  Four of these are 75-inch displays that create a large video wall of customer feedback known as ‘The Voice’.  The remaining displays are hung throughout the call centre rotating internal communications, employee leaderboard stats and phone system stats.  Each display utilizes a SignageLive license, our digital signage SaaS of choice. This implementation assists our data-driven and people-powered company culture and helps keep employees informed, inspired and connected.