Posted December 11, 2008 Announces Top Two Insulating Window Treatments

Consumers turn to leading online retailer for reliable information regarding the most energy efficient window treatments., Canada’s premiere provider of window treatments, announces the two most popular insulating and energy-efficient window treatments available. releases this information in anticipation of a frigid winter and a busy holiday season. Cutting energy costs and increasing the functionality of window treatments has major long-term benefits, leading many Canadians to think twice about skipping out on new window treatments for 2009. The findings are based on total sales, as well as which of the most popular products have the highest R-values. R-value is the measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow.

CEO Jay Steinfeld is aware of the issues facing homeowners who live with three or more months a year of snowfall and below freezing temperatures.

“I want customers to be able to heat their homes properly for as little money as possible. Heating costs are astronomical, and not many people know that purchasing insulating window blinds and shades can have a huge effect on their bills.”

The most popular and effective insulating window treatment is the 3/8″ Single Cell Blackout shade. It has a very high R-value of 5.0, which is the R-value of completely still air. Any air that is circulating will not be able to move through the barrier this shade creates. Its insulating capabilities are enhanced by the small, honeycomb-shaped cells that have the ability to trap air and create a cushion of heat. An added benefit of this shade is that during the warmer summer months, it will also help air conditioning circulate and keep it inside the house.

The next best insulator is the Poly-Satin Shutter, boasting an R-value of 4.63. This fauxwood shutter is extremely thick and durable. When the louvers are closed, air cannot travel between the openings at all. Because the shutter is custom-made to fit tightly in the window opening, cold outside air will not leak through the edges, trapping heat nicely. This is one of the safest possible options for homes with children and pets because it has no dangling cords.

Steinfeld marvels at some of the things customers say.

“One customer told us that minutes after installing her shades, the temperature actually went up to the temperature on which the thermostat was set. This means that heat stopped escaping through old windows and doors, and was able to correctly flow.”

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