Posted May 16, 2017

It’s a no brainer – the story of No Brainer Blinds


Keep It Simple, Silly.  Why over-complicate a buying decision when you can partner with a company that makes it easy for you  That’s the philosophy of No Brainer Blinds – the world’s first online store for blinds and shades.

A little online window covering history for you, our CEO Jay Steinfeld launched No Brainer in the early days of the Web (1996!) with a small investment of $3000 and a lot of curiosity to see if this online selling idea could take off.

Our original, tiny No Brainer customer support team (Sharon and Ann, who still work at the company today and are now called ‘The Brainerettes‘) were THRILLED when the site would clear $500 / week.  Today, we are the largest online window covering company in the world and continue to make buying blinds and shades a no brainer for customers.

We continue to honor the No Brainer Blinds legacy throughout the office today with our ‘Brainwaves’ relaxation room featuring an anti-gravity chair for employees to clear their heads.  Each new office and floor build out also features a ‘No Brainer’ conference room to keep our memories intact, we’re up to ‘No Brainer #8’ now!