Posted April 8, 2016

Why nerf archery might be the best team building event yet

Gone are the mind numbing corporate team builder activities of the past, the team gets more and more creative with the way we connect outside of the office each year!

Last month our Accounting, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis team (who are hiring, by the way!) went on a nerf archery journey – bonding over human target practice (painless, we promise!) and an energetic afternoon in the sunshine.

Read on as Trini Greenwood shares the all of the glorious team building details: archery fun

This archery outing was our semi-annual team building event that was elevated to extra-special status due to the recent dramatic growth on our team and the addition of our new CFO, Steve.  (PS we’re still hiring!!)

We divided into multiple teams throughout the day, including an epic girls against boys battle.  We selected different captains to strategize and defeat the enemy and wrapped up with 2 different battles: the zombie game and the all-star game.  In the zombie game, Steve & Anna started as zombies and had to attack all of us with arrows. 

Each time we were hit, we were infected and had to join the zombie ranks.  Then, in the final all star game, the best of the best from the day had to pound it out and shoot out all of the targets before the other team.  Everyone had a great time and we all agree it has been the best team building event so far.

Office relationships built over bows and arrows

Our most important takeaway from the day are the new friendships with other teams within our department that we have created.  This has become quite obvious to us, as each day this week we have all found ourselves taking different routes to pass by other team members desks just to say hi and have a good day.

Perhaps one of the funnier experiences on our team outing was discovering that Steve our new CFO (only on the job for 2 weeks at this point) has a fearsome battle cry – and can really shoot an arrow!  Picture Mel Gibson in Braveheart (minus the kilt) – yup, that’s our new CFO.  It was awesome.

Anna & Daniel archery

What should companies consider when planning their own team building event?

The team has learned to think outside of the box with team building activities.  And thanks goodness, as forcing employees to do the typical team building events such as sitting around a table and working on cool ideas or building a card house often ends up with eye rolling and a group of people itching to leave. 

We determine our events by voting in a team meeting, with the biggest rule only being that we always want to try something new.  It doesn’t always have to be a vigorous, physical activity – but our group particularly enjoys being outside and getting active together.  It allows us to truly be ourselves, have fun, and develop bonds – all of the things you need to be a successful team.

Love what you’re reading?  Did we mention that we’re hiring in Houston, Texas?  We totally are, come join us!