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10 Steps to Prepare Your Team for an Emotional Future

“As we click up the ramp into 2017 and leave 2016 back at the station, some of your team might be anxious about the winding track ahead, not to mention those steep curves and dips that turn your stomach upside down. Setting your team up for success in 2017 requires you to do, say, and […]


3 Tips for Leveraging Social Media Feeback to your Call Center

Is the voice of your customer reaching all of the ears that it should in your company?  Sharing important information doesn’t happen by accident and Katie has 3 helpful tips for ensuring customer feedback gets to your entire team: If it matters, visualize it Bake social – and customer feedback – into your culture Think beyond […]

Read is listed as ‘Great Company To Work For’ by The Muse

How thrilled are we!?!?  The Muse listed us as their #8 ‘Greatest Companies You Could Work For’ list of 2016 – we agree!  And are totally hiring. “ is the world’s largest online window covering store, selling custom designer blinds, drapes, and shutters since 1996. The company offers free expert design advice, empowering customers to […]


Inc. Article quote: Why Leaders Can Be Weepers

Our CEO Jay Steinfeld was quoted in an Inc. Magazine article entitled “Why Leaders Can Be Weepers” by Leigh Buchanan. Entrepreneurs are arguably more comfortable with emotion than are other business leaders. They talk a lot about passion and dark nights of the soul, and are typically prouder of their companies than corner-office hired hands-;and […]


Inc Article: 4 Core Reasons Why We Value Star Wars Superfans

Our CEO Jay Steinfeld wrote an article on why companies should embrace their inner geek on The Force is strong at Here, we embrace our inner nerd and recognize and celebrate the things that we enjoy as humans. It’s one of our 4 Core Values to “Enjoy the Ride,” and we take it […]