Posted June 13, 2016

Initiation through humiliation? How welcomes new hires to the family!

Here at we have a tradition very near and dear to our hearts for employee onboarding… welcoming our new hires (view our play list here)!

At each SayJay (our weekly all-hands company meeting), a group of new take the stage and either tell us all a joke, sing a song, or do a dance. It’s how we get to know each other right off the bat and a tradition that has grown into play an instrument or create a PowerPoint – among many other silly things to say ‘this is me’ to their new co-workers!

To give you an  idea of just what one of these presentations may look like, we’re going to take a look at our top 5 most viewed new hire Youtube welcome videos!

5th Place – Baby Got Blinds

Landing in 5th place are these 5 (-1) fab ladies putting a bit of a twist to a song that we all know… take a look at Baby Got Blinds:

4th Place – The Blinds Are Mine

We’ve got another song for you, and a human sized blind?? Check out The Blinds Are Mine:

3rd Place – The “Other” Office

This video is a remake of the hilarious show The Office… see what that show would look like if it took place at the Blinds.complex! The Other Office:

2nd Place – Lip Sync BATTLE!!!!!!

Lip sync battle at Jimmy Fallon? More like lip sync battle at!:

1st Place – Frozen Parody

And taking the first place prize is a group of new hires introducing themselves with a :

Are you just itching to create your own new hire introduction? Apply here and show us what you’ve got!: