Posted June 10, 2015

How to transform Customer Feedback into profits + happiness

I recently presented this ‘Customer Super Heroes: Transforming Customer Feedback into Profits + Happiness’ presentation at IRCE 2015 in Chicago:

It was a great opportunity for me to take stock of the variety of ways that collects data from our customers and how we actually DO SOMETHING for them based on the improvements they suggest.

What was satisfying about preparing this presentation was realizing just how many folks ‘own’ our customer experience:  ‘a LOT’. And by a lot, I mean ‘pretty much everybody’. How awesome.

Some key takeaways from my customer feedback presentation:

  • Start with your internal culture – if you seek empathetic employees that want to empower customers to better themselves, you have to provide that environment in their daily lives.  Make seeking out and growing from feedback an expected experience and that will trickle down to your customer interactions too.
  • If customer feedback matters to your business, VISUALIZE it.  Make the customer voice an in-your-face experience throughout the office so that it can’t be ignored or forgotten (it happens, no matters your intentions).
  • Ensure that your customer feedback makes it directly to your vendors – and build your success metrics so that they truly and deeply care about your customer experience just as much as you do.
  • Tap into your incredible employee’s brains!!  We recently launched a Customer Experience Council that rotates through employees in all departments with a separate budget and freedom to impact real change.  It’s exciting and a great way to just get things done already!! that truly matter to customers.

I’m particularly excited about getting to share a recent Customer Experience Council project:  The Customer Journey.  It’s a hallway that takes you through every brand touchpoint our customers experience (great job Stephanie and Mindy!) and is a great way to be the empathetic marketers we should all be:

customer journey wall