Posted January 12, 2016

Happy 20th birthday,!


Happy 20th Birthday,! (1)

Did you notice?  We’re sporting a celebratory piece of cake in our logo this year as we begin our celebration of our 20th anniversary as an online blinds company.


In 1996, our CEO and Founder Jay Steinfeld decided to give ‘this Internet thing’ a go by launching the very first window covering online store called ‘No Brainer Blinds’.  Because buying blinds should be a no brainer!


The inaugural window coverings site even had a spinning brain logo (click play above) to ensure that all who visited truly understood just how easy doing business with us is.

While the spinning brains and purple branding may have long disappeared – our taste for experimentation, customer delight and being easy to do business with has only grown over the last two decades.

We are grateful for every moment spent learning from our customers, growing our employees and creating a unique company culture that’s sweeter than any piece of cake.

Happy birthday,!!!  And many more….  We’ll be celebrating throughout 2016, so stay tuned!