Posted January 5, 2016

Grow your business life with Purpose in the new year


Need a little new year’s inspiration?  Read this latest post of mine on LinkedIn about A Purpose-driven business life in 2016.

Feeling stuck as you prepare for your team’s new year activities and initiatives?  Here are some questions to ask yourself as you’re planning for your new year in business land:

  •  What the heck is my Purpose anyway, on both the professional and personal side?  Is it time to re-visit my personal mission statement? (hint: use Franklin Covey’s easy Mission Statement builder for help)
  • Am I working for a company whose Values and mission align with mine?  Does the ‘office me’ jive with the person I’m working to grow and become?  What activities should I renew focus on to grow both me and my business next year?
  • How did I do hitting my 2015 goals?  Did the goals I achieved feel fulfilling or provide forward momentum in my career and for my team?  What were the surprisingly rewarding experiences of my year to replicate in 2016?
  • What is one new way that I can contribute to my company / customers’ success in 2016?  Are there skill sets that I haven’t been utilizing lately that are meaningful to me?
  • Who have I helped to grow this year on my team or within my organization?  Have I been as generous with my knowledge, experience and time as I could have been?  Have I said ‘thank you’ lately to the people who have helped me grow?

What are some ways you have kept your personal mission and Purpose at the forefront this year?