Posted July 21, 2015

Remote working – good for business, great for happy employees


To office or not to office?  Allowing employees to work remotely certainly has its hardcore fans and vehement detractors.  The team takes a mixed approach to remote working by department, but all have participated and benefitted by it at some point within our company.

Just for fun, you can see some of our employee remote work spaces and home offices in this post.  The entire company is equipped with a laptop and soft phone headset to make working anywhere they need to an absolute breeze.

remote work

Call center and hourly employee remote working, really?

Is it a myth?  Can hourly employees in a contact center environment really successfully work remotely?  Our answer is a very strong:  HECK YES!!

Our Customer Service and Sales teams regularly see their employees work from home for a variety of reasons that makes great sense to us:

  • Desk space or parking limitations (crowded office events happen!!)
  • Scary weather conditions (let’s just be on the safe side…)
  • Employee illness (just one more day to kick that stomach bug, but still be productive)
  • Temporary employee transportation challenges
  • Busy days where we offer extra work hour opportunities (without having to make the drive to the office on off days)

We also offer more ongoing work-from-home opportunities for call center employees.  This is only offered to employees who maintain very high and specific standards around call volume, quality scoring and revenue.

As our company culture is so important to us, we stay connected via video throughout the day and require employees to make it back in the office regularly so we can all high five in person.


Remote working for emergency response

As a company that is headquartered in ‘Hurricane Alley’ (just one of the fun reasons to live in Houston, TX), we also look at being able to rapidly mobilize our employees as a no-brainer emergency response strategy.

Whether it’s preparing for hurricane season or managing potential business disruptions in the office (like building construction or electricity outages), having a trained and ready workforce fully equipped with laptops and soft phone headsets means no disruption to our customer experience.

This doesn’t happen overnight or by accident – smart remote working takes a great deal of planning, training and investing in your infrastructure.  But when it works, it is a beautiful thing indeed.

Think we might be a good fit for each other?  We’re always hiring – check out our Careers page!