Posted December 14, 2015

The Future of Office Tours

slideshow_Blinds_022I still remember my first visit to complex. As, I reached the third floor of the building I pinged the designated party using an iPad application. I was greeted by a friendly HR representative whom I immediately asked, “Am I in the future!”.

The office environment is the ultimate playground for creative people. From the choice of colors to the selection of furniture, every inch of invites creativity and exploration. Of course we are not keeping our beautiful office a secret and that is why we have regular office tours. You can schedule tour using this link. I highly recommend that you book a tour and see our awesome work environment.

The open spaces and the colorful textures got me thinking about what can be the future of office tours. It would be nice if the person can get all the information about a particular area on their smart phone based on their location inside the office. This is where iBeacons come into play. iBeacons are low powered bluetooth LTE devices. There are lots of iBeacons in the market but the most popular ones include Estimote and Particle.

After acquiring the iBeacons the next step was to write an app, which will display the information to the user. Once the app was finished we placed the beacons at the designated spots inside the office and waited for the magical moment. Now, when anyone who had the app installed on their phone passed near the iBeacon covered region they received an update indicating the fun facts about the room or an artifact.

Using iBeacons we can create a more intimate experience for the user and provide them more information on the spot. We believe that in the future more and more companies will adopt iBeacons technology to create unguided, interactive tours to showcase their environments.

iBeacons usage is not only limited to creating fun office tours but it next few years it will play an important role in the retail industry.