Posted March 29, 2019

Enjoying The Ride – My First Week at

Meet Ruaa, our new HR Assistant and the latest member of our Team. She shares her thoughts after her first week in the Blinds.complex.


My first week at GCC was truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I was a bit nervous to start, a good nervous like the first day of school. School is to children, as work is to adults, no one really wants to go and that first day is always the best.

After only being here a week, I have already begun to develop a whole new perspective in my experience of work. Meaning yes, my previous analogy still applies. Let me explain. You go to school in order to continuously improve your knowledge and education, you go to work in order to make a living and support your family.

In my previous experiences the analogy applied with every work environment that had been introduced to. But in my search I thought to myself, “what if you could apply both processes within one environment?” What if you can go to work in order to continuously improve personally and professionally? Here at GCC, it is an important core value of the company to continuously improve yourself personally and you have a whole family here to support your individual expression. After being here only a week I realized this isn’t just an ordinary job, and that we are a family working towards the common goal of the success of both the company and each other. Every position here at GCC holds a voice and genuine importance in the company. Whether you’re in customer service or a supervisor, all opinions are welcomed.

I am very excited to be here and I truly look forward to the upcoming challenges that await me in this new journey of mine. I look forward to experiment without fear. Specifically by helping those around me reach their maximum and true potential. As an HR Assistant I strive to help people achieve what they never thought they could.
I am ready to jump in, continuously improve and enjoy the ride!