Posted May 21, 2017

How to create engaging team learning experiences #ATDengage

We’re reporting live from the Association for Talent Development 2017 International Conference (#ATD2017) this week, as key members of our talent development and executive team are attending to grow our brains and improve our employee experience.

Our Founder / CEO Jay Steinfeld and Chief People Officer Fernando Sanchez-Arias are presenting on creating engaging learning experiences on Monday at 3pm.  Join us at ATD 2017 or follow the discussion online with our #ATDengage hashtag.

Well, the importance of employee engagement is finally getting the attention that it deserves.  Forward thinking leaders have long realized that disengaged associates and managers create disengaged companies (and disengaged customers!).

But many businesses still struggle with actionable ways that managers and talent development professionals can promote engagement within their teams and across the enterprise as a whole.

You want to create real change that promotes and, in the end, great customer experiences that increase your repeat and referral rates.  Happy and engaged employees mean a healthy, growing business.

Stay tuned for our continued knowledge sharing on connecting your employees with exceptional learning experiences – we love building engaged teams!

Attendees at the ‘Engaging Learning Experiences for Improved Overall Talent Development’ ATD 2017 session will learn:

  • Practical ideas to design and deliver highly engaging and effective learning experiences
  • Tried and true ways to increase your workplace engagement
  • The 7 engaging factors of the talent development process and how to use them

Engaging Learning Experiences for Improved Overall Talent Development

Mon, May 22 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Thomas Murphy Ballroom -Section 1

Disengaged associates and managers create disengaging companies. Going beyond rhetoric, your talent is the most critical factor in your organization. Engaged people are more productive, deliver better service, achieve better results, inspire those around them, and collaborate more effectively with others. Engaging learning experiences improve the way team members think, feel, and act, and have a direct impact in the way associates perform their roles, execute their action, and accomplish their goals. Learning how to design, deliver, and manage learning experiences will help you improve not only your talent development performance, but also your business results. This session will help you be more aware of the business connection between learning and engagement and will help you to be a more engaging trainer, facilitator, and learning leader.