Posted November 24, 2015

Company culture with Jay Steinfeld and GoToMeeting


Our CEO Jay Steinfeld (@BlindsComCEO) participated in a #FutureofWork Twitter chat with @GoToMeetingCA around company culture and entrepreneurship.  Click here for the complete Twitter interview (or is it a Twitter-view?)

What first drove you to found a company?
Jay:  I started my company (@BlindsDotCom) after I was fired and needed something to do!  Getting fired helped me finally realize my dream of entrepreneurship, it was time to take control of my life.

How has entrepreneurship changed from when you founded in 1996 to today?
Jay: There is better access to free tools, mentors and content for leaders today – it’s easier to communicate too. 

What sets highly effective and innovative entrepreneurs apart?
Jay: You must have a clear vision with a willingness to reset it after experimentation and observation.  Entrepreneurs must also know what they can’t do & mitigate that by hiring those who can. You can’t do it all.

Company culture is becoming more and more important to retain talent and develop a thriving company. Why? 
Jay:  Culture isn’t just important – it’s essential! Clarity around culture means you’ll hire the right people.  And hiring like-minded, passionate people is a more efficient way of working and achieving your Vision.

What are 3 key ways workplace culture is evolving?
Companies are becoming more purpose-driven, transparent and accepting of vulnerability of leadership.  A @BlindsDotCom evolution I’m also excited about is more shuffleboard, less ping pong!

What behaviors or policies could hinder a growing company from developing a strong culture?
Every company already has a culture, you must consciously design it and be deliberate on what kind you want.  The worst behavior is delegating culture to HR or a task force. Your senior leaders + entire team must own it.  Your company culture is your DNA.  It is who you are – not an aspirational goal. It propels your team forward.

You’ve written about how work should be fun, why is fun so key to a company’s success?
Jay:  Would you rather work in a place where you’re having fun or just feeling annoyed all the time? 🙂  Fun work environments allow people to relax + thinking expansively vs simply performing delegated tasks.  Happiness is contagious at work, as is misery. At @BlindsDotCom, we prefer the former and benefit from it.

How should innovative workplaces support busy employees trying to find harmony between work and life?
Jay:  A balanced and relaxed employee is more productive. They make better decisions and think more clearly.  Companies should help employees remove the constraints in their lives to have capacity to do great things.  This support is as varied as your employees: flexible schedule, remote working, performance-based comp…

That’s a wrap! Thanks for sharing these insights, and good luck in your next shuffleboard match
Jay:  Enjoyed the questions about culture, a favorite topic. Lots more where that came from: