Posted June 8, 2015

Business lessons from improv comedy – yes, and…

Our CEO Jay Steinfeld (@BlindsComCEO for you Twitter friendly folks out there) has a great article in Inc. Magazine this month:  3 Ways Improv Helps You Lead More Effectively

The best improv actors must remain completely childlike in their wide-eyed acceptance of new data. You listen, you absorb, and you react without filters. Eight-foot tall baby? Exploding pancakes for Mother’s Day brunch? Unexpected customer requirements on your biggest project? New entrants in the marketplaces? Instead of saying ‘no, but…’ and wringing your hands over business plot twists, you say ‘yes, and…’ – and voila, that’s when ideas for solutions begin. People many times block innovation through their biases and filters, with their default reaction to why something will not work, rather than allowing their subconscious to uncover new patterns and solutions.

What lessons can you learn from unexpected sources?  In addition to improv comedy, we also learn business lessons from boxing and  love languages!