Posted August 26, 2015

Blinds.Comicon and Bring Your Kid to Work Day Extravaganza!

Last Friday hosted it’s first Comicon + Bring Your Kid to Work Day event. Our office was decked out with decorations and our employees and their kids were dressed up head to toe, making the Blinds.complex  look like a scene straight out of a comic book. The snacks were good, the games were fun, and the laughs were loud, making this day a huge success! Careers Page

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Prep for the big day:

The night before the event our culture committee stayed late setting up our fabulous photo booth, and strategically placing BAM signs around the office to transform the Blinds.complex into a Superhero Sanctuary.154326

Sidekick Arrival:

Early the next morning our very own superheros and their sidekicks began checking in, and were given a colorful Superhero bracelet and I.D. card!

check inlanyard

Picture time!:

The sidekicks were then directed to the Superhero City to take a Polaroid photo for their passport.

passport 112


After pictures, breakfast was served by our very own sock monkey!13

Office Tour:

Later the super kiddos were taken on a tour of the office, and received a different passport stamp from each department.11pp2

Free time activities:

The sidekicks could choose from our centers that included crafting capes and/ or decorating masks, 7

Enjoying our shuffleboard table,


or racing on the Wii that was set up in one of our main areas.9


Superhero punch,18

served in comic book water bottles,17

and pizza slices bigger than your head!


Time with your loved one/ Superhero:

After lunch the sidekicks had the opportunity to see exactly what their loved one did and visit their desk. 19

Then our best dressed employees were recognized and given their prize:

Best dressed male:


Best dressed female:


Best dressed group:


Wrapping it up:

To conclude the super day everyone enjoyed superhero cupcakes,


followed by a pinata and bags of candy! (because they weren’t sugared up already) 😉


Overall it was an incredible event. Thank you to all of our amazing employees and equally amazing sidekicks for joining us on this very special day!

end collage