Yellow Brick Home – January 2014

Moving into their new home, Kim and Scott had an open view into their home because they had no window coverings. With the help of, they were able to choose 3/8″ Double Cell Light Filtering Shades in Glacier to create more privacy for their home.

“…the cellular shades have a top down / bottom up capability (which is especially nice on our first floor)… we’ve learned from our past year’s worth of experience with them that they insulate really, really well. (And with these sub zero temperatures? We’ll take it!).” -Kim, Yellow Brick Home

Kim and Scott are loyal customers of and have used the same shades in their previous home.

“Not only do we stand behind the quality, durability and super-insulating-powers of our shades from, but we’re over the moon that they not only wanted to help us get a jump start on our very naked windows, but they also wanted to lend a hand for one of you, too!” -Kim, Yellow Brick Home