Veganizzm – September 2016

Izzy started her blog back in 2010 with the intent to educate readers on the wonders of a plant based diet.  What started out as a way to share her journey with friends and family, quickly morphed into something much bigger.  While she does use the blog to document her original recipes so she can return to the yummy masterpieces she creates, she also adds in her own witty flavor (pun intended).  Below, in true Veganizzm fashion, she coupled a recipe along with a quest for the perfect shade that will simultaneously allow privacy and natural light.

“I also frequently like to walk around my whole apartment with no pants on, so I’ve been looking for good blinds for both my kitchen and living room for a while. I heard about from an Instagram post and decided to check them out. They have a good selection of wood, cloth, and plastic blinds in alllll different styles.”  – Izzy, Veganizzm

Izzy chose a 3″ Radiance Light Filtering Shade  in Seville Glacier.