Sweet Stella – October 2014

Shannon needed window coverings that would prevent her baby from the sun interrupting his sleep. Blinds.com helped her choose the 3/4″ Premier Single Cell Blackout Shades in Lenin Bark to block out the light entering the room to let her and her son sleep just a little bit longer. These shades also have a cordless option so that they are safe for her son in his room as he gets older and more adventurous.

“For me, shopping the Safer for Kids Collection at Blinds.com provided us not only those five extra minutes of sleep, peace and quiet, but they also provided us peace of mind as our little guy grows up and starts to be on the move.” -Shannon, Sweet Stella

Blinds.com offers many safer for kinds blinds and shades as well as has plenty of information on how to keep your home safe with window coverings and decor.