Moms Without Answers – October 2014

Wanting to remove all of the hazardous materials in her living room that could be dangerous for her daughter, stepped in to help Channing of Moms Without Answers choose Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Glacier and Signature Solar Shades with cordless options that bring safety back into the space. They also reduce incoming heat and protect furnishing from UV rays.

“I could not be more happy with the outcome! I love the shades we chose because they are cordless. From removing all four of our shades from the box and getting them installed in only took us about 1 hour. The quality of our Solar Shades are amazing and they just look oh so pretty. Most importantly, I have a piece of mind that I did not have before while my kids are playing and running around this part of our home.” -Channing, Moms Without Answers