Making the World Cuter – June 2015

Tiffany chose Simplicity Cottage Wood Shutters to compliment her remodeled living room. Creating a coastal atmosphere, opened shutters let in light and refreshing breeze while keeping closed filters light and protects from UV rays.

“My couches before were getting too much sun from this big window, so we had to keep our curtains closed most days since we get so much sun on that side of the house. When I saw that these little plantation shutters opened independently, I knew that they would be perfect for this room. They totally solve that problem. They let light in while not bleaching my couch and I can open the top and let the sun shine over them at the right time of day. Dreamy!” -Tiffany, Making the World Cuter

For easy installation, the shutters are almost entirely assembled right out of the box, before you hang them in your window. These shutters allow for up to 6 panels which can be made to open or close in either direction, giving you a number of accessible configurations.  A divider rail can also be added which allows top and bottom louvers to operate independently.

Tiffany selected Simplicity Cottage Wood Shutters in Bright White with a double hung construction.