Inc Article: 4 Core Reasons Why We Value Star Wars Superfans

Our CEO Jay Steinfeld wrote an article on why companies should embrace their inner geek on

The Force is strong at Here, we embrace our inner nerd and recognize and celebrate the things that we enjoy as humans. It’s one of our 4 Core Values to “Enjoy the Ride,” and we take it seriously.

This week, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters, and the office is buzzing along with the rest of the world. As of November 20, 2015, the movie had already grossed $50 million in pre-sales a month before opening day. At $10 a ticket, that’s 5 million people making advanced ticket purchases.

How many of those ticket buyers work in your company? You’re probably surrounded by Star Wars superfans and you don’t even know it — but you should. Driven by the mythos surrounding the franchise, I’ve found that Star Wars superfans are likely to be driven by many of the Core Values we hold so dearly at–and those values are likely sought after at your company as well.  Read the complete article on Inc. Magazine here.