Fox Hollow Cottage – April 2014

Plantation shutters added the finishing touch to this cottage home.

“They are perfect. Just like I knew they would be. They complete our home like nothing else could and I feel so fortunate to have them.” -Shannon, Fox Hollow Cottage

Before the shutters were install, a large amount of uncontrolled light entered the rooms. With these shutters, light is easily controlled to let in as much or as little as wanted that helps with climate control.

“It’s not like we get blazing heat here living on the coast, but when it’s bright.. the light control with these is incredible. The front side of the house gets the brunt of the morning sun and I’m looking forward to the house being cooler in the warm Summer months now that these bad-boys are up! ” -Shannon, Fox Hollow Cottage

They also offer the privacy that wasn’t available before with the previous blinds.

“I value the privacy and control that shutters offer.” -Shannon, Fox Hollow Cottage

These Norman Woodlore Plantation Shutters in Silk White were a perfect choice for Shannon’s home.