Discovery Street – October 2014

Ruthy’s mid century floor to ceiling windows let so much light in during the summer that her home was uncomfortably hot. Signature Solar Shades in Pale Grey helped her home reduce incoming heat, as well as protect furnishings from UV rays. These shades are great for window that receive direct sunlight at certain times of the day.

Another factor for Ruthy was the safety of her daughter because the windows are next to her play area. Ruthy chose the cordless and motorized options for safety and easiness because the shades would be placed so high.

“We absolutely love that we can be sitting on the couch and with the touch of a button block the sun, yet maintain our view.  And the best part is that there are no cords at all, especially since the windows are right next to the our daughter’s play area.” -Ruthy, Discovery Street offers many child safety options in shutters, roller and solar shades, draperies and cellular shades.