Design, Dining and Diapers – January 2015

Taryn of Design, Dining and Diapers was searching for blinds that would give her privacy and also prevent UV rays from damaging her furnishings. Choosing Norman Roman Shades for her living room was the right decision for this space. These shades come with a blackout liner option for added privacy and energy saving insulation. She wanted something classy and timeless; roman shades come in a variety of colors and when lifted, create a valance to fit with her desired design. They also are the only shades that have the option to be completely cordless which is great for the safety of her kids.

“Do you want to know my favorite part about these roman shades? They are completely cordless so I don’t have to worry about any safety hazards when the blinds are up. LOVE. One less thing to worry about as a parent. :)” -Taryn, Design, Dining and Diapers

Taryn selected Signature Roman Shades in Camden Shadow with the Completely Cordless Lift