Cedar Hill Farmhouse – March 2014

Blinds.com partnered with Cedar Hill Farmhouse to make the home more private and light filtering for the perfect amount of light to enter the home. All 3 options for liners were used; no liner in the breakfast room, privacy liner in the dining room and blackout liner for the bedroom. All of these options were placed in these rooms for the best light filter option.

“I decided that I really wanted a window treatment that didn’t cover too much of the window, and I decided I really wanted something very natural looking. I love bamboo shades and started looking for the prettiest ones I could find.”   -Anita, Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Anita selected Bali Natural Woven Wood Shades in Cabo Placid with the cordless option.

“If you have had shades or blinds with those cords, you probably know that they can be frustrating to deal with.  When you open the blinds, the cords puddle on the floor and can be a hazard for children or pets. And they don’t look that great either. That’s why I LOVE the cordless option.”   -Anita, Cedar Hill Farmhouse

These textured shades created a finishing touch to the design of the Cedar Hill Farmhouse home.