As Mom Sees It – March 2015

The perfect window coverings are needed to complete a sun room, and Architectural Wood Blinds were a great finishing touch for Dusty of As Mom Sees It‘s. Dusty wanted to capture the feeling of being in a cottage or beach house because of the ocean blue walls and natural light that came through the windows. Instead of traditional white string that blinds usually have, decorated cloth tape similar to the color of the walls was built in the blinds to create the atmosphere she wanted.

“…my favorite detail of all, the decorate cloth tape feature that shows – this is instead of the traditional white strings that you’d see on most blinds. These really made our custom blinds feel more custom and gave the room a more “cottage-like” feel that I just adored!” -Dusty, As Mom Sees It

Architectural Wood Blinds’ larger slat size create a clearer view to the outside, yet provide great light control. There are 3 different valance options as well as squared or rounded corner slate options.

“This room is our room. Our favorite room. And, it’s become everyone’s favorite room thanks to the feeling that our custom blinds from gives to our sunroom.” -Dusty, As Mom Sees It

Dusty selected Architectural 2 3/4″ Wood Blinds in Vintage Grail Wind Rice with cloth tapes in 1 1/4″ Lagoon for the standard windows. For the doors, she opted for the smaller 2″ Architectural Blinds with matching colors and tapes.